Millwright Assistance Services

Winter's Rigging can assist your millwright on moving and setting equipment. We have the tools and expertise needed to move and handle equipment safely so the job runs smoothly.

To make the job go faster and smoother we can receive and store your equipment here at the main warehouse until the scheduled time for installation, making it easier so you do not have to work around or damage your new equipment. If you are a food plant have us do your uncrating here and prevent wood and other packing materials from contaminating your plant.

We can load, off load, truck, help disassemble and reassemble, and place in location; Presses, Mills, Lathes, Bridgeports, CNC Machines, Gen Sets, or any other type of equipment or machine. We can even help you with disassembly and installation of Overhead and JIB Cranes

Winter's offers a complete line of rigging services for factories, hospitals, machine shops, schools, and any other business that needs assistance. Whether it is from one end of your building to the next or to a completely new location.

Winter's Rigging has the years of experience and correct equipment required to safely handle production line equipment, re-builds, bull gears, scheduled maintenance and emergency repairs. We own all of the tools, supplies and specialized equipment required to handle all of your equipment moves in a safe, efficient and offer competitive pricing.

Industries Served

  • Transportation
  • Industrial
  • Manufacturing & Assembly Plants
  • Petro-Chemical
  • Power Generation
  • Automotive
  • Steel Mill
  • Breweries
  • Food & Beverage
  • Cement & Aggregate
  • Institutional
  • Commercial
  • Energy
  • Rubber & Plastics
  • Mining
  • Fabric & Textiles
  • Bridges for small creeks
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Ceramics and Tile
  • Waste Management
  • Foundries

Winter's Rigging Millwright Assistance Services
Winter's Rigging Millwright Assistance Services
Winter's Rigging Millwright Assistance Services


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